Heavenly Rockers

This is our children's group. Currently, we are meeting at 9:10 on Sunday morning to practice. This group is open to all children age three to 5th grade (pre-confirmation). Children are then dismissed to Sunday School. In this group, I focus on teaching children songs which will stay with them, hopefully, forever! We learn "The B-I-B-L-E", and all the names of the books in the Bible! We learn to "Stay awake! Be ready!", and that John, the Baptist ate bugs for lunch.

We also have a "song about NOTHING", which may well be the most important song ever sung! At the end of every (that's EVERY) practice time, we gather for a prayer and a blessing, making the sign of the cross for each other around the circle. The Rockers do, from time to time, share special songs in worship. We get to use various kinds of rhythm instruments, including the Frog, several drums, little bells, and Boomwhackers.