Bells on the Hill

This is our handbell choir. We ring three octaves of Schulmerich bells andBell line
three octaves of Malmark handchimes. This group rehearses most weeks,
 except in the summer and presents special music in worship several
times a year. We utilize many different bell techniques: malleting,
thumb-damping, Lassez vibrez, echo ring (we call it "J-hook",
from the mark in the music), gyro, tower swing, singing bells,
martellato, in addition to the fundamental ring/damp.

The group has progressed from very basic ringing in 1980 to
being a fairly advanced group. It does require some music
and rhythm-reading knowledge. It is also a "generations" group.
There have been, almost from the start, multiple generations in
families who have come to ring. Today there are four
mother-daughter/son ringers and one of those pairings is third
generation, since Grandmom was one of the original ringers in 1980!

Bell Choir